Student + Parent Technology Tour

Welcome to GLC’s first ever Student and Parent Technology Tour. I’m really glad you’ve decided to come out this evening and enjoy some time with technology!

This technology tour is going to take you through the technology life of your child. You’ll visit many places this evening (and its all online! No warming up the vehicle! No gas money! And definitely no kids fighting over seat space in your minivan!). Enjoy!

Destination 1: To begin, I’d like you to check out the school website. We’ve been hard at work building a new website that has all the information that you could possibly need. Once you get there, check out the following pages and try to answer the questions I’ve posed.
1. KPDSB Calendar – what is the last day of school before summer break?
2. Learning Links – what is the name of the real-time encyclopedia (check it out if you want!)
3. School Discipline and Code of Conduct – what are some of the considerations that GLC staff keep in mind when discipline issues arise?
4. Photo Galleries – which police officer is featured in the SK group picture?

Take a few moments to continue to explore the school website. Please read one of our activity posts on the homepage and provide a comment. We love community comments!

Destination 2: Now, I’d like you to ‘drive’ over to my blog (well, you’re already in it!). Actually, this is more like the scenic route! Check out the following things that are featured on my classroom blog.
1. Interest Extras – Click on one of the sites listed. What subject area does it link to?
2. Count the Caribou Science – Under Classwork, you can see samples of student work from Grade 7. How might seeing this work help you with your child’s homework?
3. Agenda – what did your child have for homework in the last week? Did you see it? Did you talk about it?

Explore my website for a few more minutes. Be sure to stop by my homepage to check out some of the recent blog posts. Remember to leave a comment after you read a blog post. It’s the best way to let me know that you’ve visited!

Destination 3: You’re now going to do a little bit of independent navigating. On my blog’s homepage, look for your child’s name (right hand side!). Click on the name to go directly to their site (better than time travel!). Try out the following tasks as you move around the blog.
1. Listen to the VOKI – all students created a VOKI using an online program and their laptop’s sound recorder
2. Read a blog post (and COMMENT!) – the students have become proficient bloggers, and they all love when their blogs have comments. In fact, we have a bit of a friendly competition going to see who has the most comments!
3. Check out the biography written by your child. Hover over Writing, then Biographies, then Essay. Once you read it (or a portion of it), provide feedback!

I know that the Grade Sevens are happy to have you visit their blogs. If you have a few moments, check out the blogs of their peers. We love sharing our technology knowledge so if you’re interested in creating your own blog, let your child know. THey have all the expertise to help you!

Destination 4: Did you know that current research shows that the more involved you are with your child’s education, the more successful they will be. Because of technology, you can be involved from home, from your workplace and even from a smartphone! Check out the Ministry of Education parent site for more information about helping your child to succeed in school. Ask yourself, “How can I be more involved?” Set a goal and let us know what we can do to help!

Destination 5: Explore the world for a few moments. From my experience, many people get in a ‘rut’ when they’re online. They tend to stick with the sites that they know (facebook, shopping sites, email, news etc). Unfortunately, the thousands of amazing sites that bring the world into your home often go unnoticed. Check out these amazing online sites – you’ll be glad you did!
1. Underground Railroad – Explore the Canadian contribution to ending slavery.
2. Ottawa, Canada’s Capital – visit our nation’s capital
3. Canadian Virtual Museum – don’t be limited by our vast Geography, visit the museums of Canada through this site
4. Art Gallery of Ontario – take this field trip to explore the extensive art collection in Ontario
5. Ontario Science Centre and Thunder Bay Science North – for the Science and not-so-Science minded, visit these sites!
6. Space Wanderer – To Infinity and Beyond! Take your exploration really far and check out this space site!

As you know, I’m only scratching the surface of what you can do online! There’s thousands of amazing locations that you can go to (with your child or by yourself!). Why don’t you go somewhere new today? You’ll be glad you did!

Destination 6: Being online means staying safe online! Many (ALL!) parents think about what their child is doing online. Being a conscientous parent is sometimes difficult when their technology knowledge far surpasses our own! Because of that, many websites exist to help parents help their child. Check out the Media Awareness Network which has some great resources for keeping up with your child’s online activities.

Destination 7: It’s TEST TIME! Now, I’d like you to immediately write down the names and URL’s of ALL of the websites that you’ve visited! GO! …… Just kidding! If you’ve still got some time, check out the Digital Parenting Style Quiz! It will only take a moment!

How did you do? Are you a digital savvy parent? Don’t worry if you’re not – I’m just getting there myself! We all have a lot to learn about this big world of technology!

So, thanks for coming out this evening. As one final challenge, I’d like you and your child to write a blog post in his/her blog. Highlight some of the new things you learned or describe how it felt to explore with your child. Remember, blog posts are informal. They are just your thoughts (but in writing AND for the world to see!). I’m looking forward to reading them! Thanks so much!


One thought on “Student + Parent Technology Tour

  1. Sharing the evening with my daughter while enjoying what she and her peers have accomplished on their blogs was a great way to spend an hour or two. Clearly the students (and teacher) have put a great deal of energy and pride in completing their blogs. I love that they are updated regularly and how they are unique to each student. Wonderful job grade 7 and thank you to Mrs. Parrish for guiding them through this ongoing task.

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