Celebrating BLOGGING!

At the end of 2011, I received this neat email from WordPress. As you know, WordPress hosts our teacher and student blogs and we have had a great experience working with this free-blogging source. Although the learning curve was steep, both students and staff have stepped up to the challenge and it would now be impossible for me to relay to you the positive feedback that I have received from the Golden Learning Centre community.
I’ve been asked, “Why do we blog?” and so I’ll take a quick moment to answer that question. Blogging is the beginning of writing and journalism. It is a more formal way (than ‘tweeting’ or ‘facebooking’) to express ideas to the online world. Blogs are also more selective in audience. Its typically a bit more difficult to find a blog, which protects student privacy. As well, comments and photos cannot be added to a blog without the author’s permission (the author can adjust this security setting as they feel comfortable). Blogging, as we’ve found, is a great way to represent yourself, your classroom and your learning. If you haven’t tried blogging, you should! There are a lot of students here in Grade 7 who could teach you!
If you’d like to see blogging stats for my blog, you can see them at this site.
PS: We’re never done learning! This week, we’ve been concentrating our efforts on using wordpress on ipods and iphones!


2 thoughts on “Celebrating BLOGGING!

    • You have a busy blog…. very interesting busy blog.
      No wonder I have so many comments I enjoy everything that gets put on this blog….. maybe I’ll have the most comments this year too. I’m at 2 and counting………..

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