?How are seals and Grade 7s alike?

You might suggest (but you’d be wrong) that there are NO similarities between a seal and a Grade 7 student. Well, lucky for you, I’ve worked with seals (well I’ve video’d them!) and I’ve taught Grade 7s (well, I’ve been in the same room with them!) so I do bring a fair amount of knowledge to this comparison! Enjoy the video, wait for the punch line and please accept my apologies that it takes me so long to make the comparison! I was really, REALLY feeling quite comfortable amongst these seals! They reminded me so much of…..well, you’ll see!


3 thoughts on “?How are seals and Grade 7s alike?

  1. Well you are just a super nice teacher…… but that is one of the many reasons in why I love you as a teacher.
    It still does remind me of the classroom strange enough……….. and btw we are in room 31 and not pier 39 you need to edit that into peir 39 then it will totally remind me of the classroom….lol, nice teacher!

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