It’s ALL about PERSPECTIVE (and a little embellishment!)

My students are involved in a writing activity right now. The assignment is to write a blog post that has something to do with last night’s Christmas Concert. I’ve given them some starter topics…
– How my teacher MADE me dance to Justin Bieber’s “Under the Mistletoe”
– My favorite moment of the Christmas Concert
– My least favorite moment of the Christmas Concert (can’t make fun of other plays)
….and of course, if they come up with an alternate topic, they can also write about that.

As a symbol of good faith, I thought I’d write a blog post of one of the above topics.

How I got my students to dance to Justin Bieber’s “Under the Mistletoe”

In early December, I was approached by my students and asked what we would be doing for the Christmas Concert. Naturally, they were VERY excited about the upcoming concert and begged me to tell. I held off, though, as I wanted it to be a secret. No matter how much they cajoled me, I kept it a secret.

Finally, the big day arrived. I gathered the students around me and told them that I was going to “reveal the plan”. They sat excitedly on the end of their seats, anxious to hear what amazing song and dance routine they would do for the Christmas Concert. I told them that we were going to dance to a recent Eminem song, dressed in Katy Perry/Rihanna outfits (the girls!) and gangster rap outfits (the boys!). I told them it was going to be unchoreographed and random. They could do WHATEVER THEY WANTED!! They could even NOT SHOW UP!

Well, WELL, WWWWEEEELLLL to my surprise, they were completely dissatisfied, angry and BITTER. They staged a full scale coup and overrode my decision. They took a vote and 100% unanimously agreed to a Justin Bieber song, and insisted that it be the new hit song, “Under the Mistletoe”. They immediately paired up (male and female) by height without ANY ARGUING or BICKERING! They worked collaboratively to choreograph a dance, insisting that they synchronize their timing. The boys begged to work with the girls, the girls happily agreed! The girls rejected my idea for Katy Perry/Rihanna concert outfits, insisting that they be allowed to wear nice dresses with their hair curled! They boys said, “No Gangsters here, we want to wear clean jeans and pressed shirts!” All of my great ideas were THROWN OUT THE WINDOW!! Eventually, they even started BRINGING SNACKS FOR EACH OTHER!! The cooperation and group work was phenomenal! I still can’t believe it.

So….I just sat back and watched it all come together. No blood, sweat or tears for me! Aren’t kids great? 🙂


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