I’m committing a loonie….PER STUDENT!

I’ve challenged the Grade Seven students once again! This time, though, I’ll be digging into my wallet! The Grade 6s are running a fundraiser right now to try to raise $400.00 for a mobile medical unit for a third world community in need. I think this is a great cause! So, I made a “deal” with my students on Thursday. For each student who brings in $1.00 (or more!), I will donate a dollar to the Worldvision Mobile Medical Unit. So, if all the students bring in a donation, I will donate $23.00! But wait, it gets better! If ALL 23 students donate $1.00 (or more!), I will double my donation to $46.00. I’m looking for 100% participation on this one. Are you up for the challenge? And remember, its NOT ONLY about getting me to part with my cash, students will also be able to dedicate a light and decoration to a person of their choice! So bring your looonies on Monday, and students…..”GAME ON!!” 🙂


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