My Learning for the Day – now to pass it on to my students!

Today, I had the opportunity to learn about a new (and AMAZING) program that can help all students with their literacy learning. The program is called Premier Assist, and it has been leased by KPDSB for the 2011 and 2012 school year. Training was provided by former GLC teacher, Laura Farrell, who now works as KPDSB Assistive Technology Special Assignment Teacher. With this program, students can take their reading and writing to a whole new level! Some of its main (and impressive!) features include the following:
– the ability to read selections of text (from the internet, from a student’s own writing)
– a summarize function which summarizes artciles
– a writing component that assists students with original work
– a voice system that reads back student writing
– a prediction function which predicts the words that a student is going to use (as they type)
– an English and French dictionary, as well a built-in thesaurus
-a “text to MP3” function, allowing text to be saved in an audio format
The Premier Assist program has been loaded on student laptops and all students will be trained in its functions. We can consider ourselves fortunate to have this software as it provides many entry points. Students in Grade 7 will be taught how to use this software in the ways that best suit their learning.
For more information, check out the program at its official website.


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