The students are working on something new today – a short, quick look into who they are. They’ve been assigned the task to answer four questions about themselves, then pasting this information into a blog post. As an added challenge, we’re hoping to see grammatically correct posts (a girl can wish, can’t she?)!

To model this task, I’ve put together my own response so that students can see the organization and content of the blog post.

Who am I? I am Michelle – sister, daughter, teacher, friend, mother, wife and co-worker. For this blog, I am teacher to a wonderful (?) group of Grade 7 students. I love lots of things, but some of the MAIN ones are my family, my home life, my Saskatchewan roots (and Roughriders), my teaching job, and my hobbies (reading and crafting). I have the joy of learning something new everyday (thanks to the students in my classroom!) and so for today, I can say that I learned that it is very difficult for students to understand BIAS in DATA COLLECTION. So, with that knowledge, we shall take another stab at the concept tomorrow afternoon!

Students must answer the following:
– who they are
– their role
– their interests
– something they learned today


2 thoughts on “Me!

  1. I enjoy learning more about you…. I think it is important to know lots about your peers and friends, this assignment really helps me understand more about the people around me.

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