Cupcakes ~ YUM!

Sometimes YOUR CHILDREN make me laugh so much.  Today, I brought cupcakes to school for Halloween and they were SO EXCITED (which leads me to ask myself, “Do these parents feed their children?”).  Honestly, the cupcakes were the talk of the classroom and I could barely get them to stay focused on their work (hmmmm, maybe I shouldn’t have placed the cupcakes in a prominent viewing location and vaguely avoided their “when do we get to eat them” requests throughout the day!)

One student even asked me for the recipe, to which I replied, “It’s a cake mix.”  He then said, “Well, they’re AWESOME!”  (Seriously, I LOVE these kids!)  🙂

So, on that note, HAPPY HALLOWEEN!  Have a great night with your children! 

PS:  Some kids DO have homework!  🙂 Make sure you check the agenda!


4 thoughts on “Cupcakes ~ YUM!

  1. I did ask Hayden if he wanted to bring cupcakes today for Halloween or packages of Jelly Belly Jelly Beans, but he said no…sorry.
    Next time I won’t ask, I will just send them…Anonymously would probably be better, then I won’t embarrass anyone.

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