Get on the BUS, Gus!

I just got off the Promethean ActivBus which is parked outside of the ECOO conference here in Toronto. It was totally COOL!

The Promethean ActivBus is set up to show the capabilities of the Promothean interactive white boards and the various complementary tools (clickers, pens, document readers). The sales represenatives went over the key features (again, totally COOL!) and showed how it could be used in the classroom. And as an added bonus, I got a bright orange t-shirt for FREE! I’ve already got plans for this orange t-shirt and let’s just say that a certain two colleagues who have an aversion to orange t-shirts will soon own one! (insert gleeful laughter)

So the orange t-shirt will fit into my suitcase (barely!) which leaves no room for a Promethean board (or a class set of clickers, or a document reader) (sad sigh….). Which means that, for now, Promethean Boards, SMARTboards and any other type of interactive white boards are just going on the wish list! I’d like to see all my tech-savvy colleagues with one (except those orange-aversion-shirt gals, of course!).

(Photo used without permission, and obviously not even well-selected as it is certainly NOT that weather here!)

PS: More information at Promethean ActivClassroom


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