The morning sessions (9:45 to 10:45) had a number of workshops that I thought I already had a fair amount of knowledge on (Google Docs, facebook etc..); so I challenged myself to attend a session that I wouldn’t normally select.  To begin, its Science based (have I mentioned that my first love is Literacy, my second love is Technology, my third love is Math, my fourth love is…well, it isn’t Science!).  🙂

Regardless, I’m glad that I attended.  I’ve learned about a very valuable resource for Science teachers across Ontario.  Its a website called Green Learning and its amazing.  It has an Education Database, Curriculum access and room for teachers to set up a classroom.  Very cool, and I’ll have to explore it when I have a bit more time.

But, even neater than that, I’m actually watching 2 educators interview an expert, and the whole thing is being video-taped.  Once the session is over, the video will be edited and then posted as a videocast so that people all over Canada (the world!) can view it.  I’m the audience in this show-in-progress!  SO NEAT!  (Can I pretend for just a moment that I’m the audience in some famous talk show? I’ve always wanted to do that!).  🙂

So what am I taking out of this workshop? Well, watch for my students performing interviews in the near future, editing them and then posting them as videocasts! So cool!

By the way, the videocast will be posted at Virtual Researcher On Call. The topic was an interview for the site Cool 2.0 at Green Learning. Check for it in a week or so!


One thought on “I’m the AUDIENCE

  1. I can’t wait to see you begin your own webcasts! The science session is also great to gather the resources for past webcasts- I think “Episode 49: Fanged Frogs” sounds pretty interesting for those grade 7 students of yours! 🙂

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