emBEDding (but its not even 9:00!)

Ohhhhhh….EMBEDDING not In BEDDING! Glad to clarify as I would be super embarrassed if I was heading to bed and its only 1:47! Bad enough, I’ve got a whole-house policy of lights-out/snores-on by 9:00 every night! 🙂

I’m at a session right now, and I’m learning how to make my website more interactive and learner-friendly. The instructor has already explained how to EMBED a video right into your website. Up to this point, I’ve been using links, rather than embedding. Basically, the goal is to make your website the one-stop-shop! Like the WALMART of teacher websites! 🙂

In terms of classroom application, I’m thinking of the possibility of posts with math games that complement our classroom learning. Or even better, videos that elaborate on concepts we’re studying (Science, Literacy etc…). And maybe even embedding videos that the students have made! WOW! That would be great.

All of these ideas are making me tired (yawn….time for bed! Is it 9:00 yet?) 😉


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