Getting to know Gary Paulsen

Earlier this month, we finished reading the novel Hatchet. This novel, written by Gary Paulsen, is a class favorite and has been read by countless teenagers around the world. In a class discussion, the students unanimously agreed that they enjoyed the novel and although somewhat divided on Paulsen’s writing style, they did agree that the author pulled us into the fictional story of 13 year old Brian Robeson.

The next step in our Literacy learning is to read and examine more novels by Gary Paulsen. Students will have daily independent reading time and assignments that combine in-class and evening time. During this unit, students will be working on Literacy expectations related to thinking about the text, and thinking beyond the text. As well, writing will be woven into this unit as students select a famous individual who has exemplified the traits of survival. They will then write a biographical essay about this selected individual.

I expect this unit to run about 6 weeks and will keep parents and students updated on my agenda page and with weekly blog posts.

Please email or call if you have any questions!

Also, for further information about Gary Paulsen and his links, please select from the following:

Gary Paulsen at Wikipedia
Gary Paulsen’s official website
Gary Paulsen interview

(graphic used without permission)


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