1/10 done the school year!

I really, REALLY thought that I was going to excite your children with that announcement on Friday. But…it didn’t quite go as planned. I began with my usual opening, “Students, this is something that is really huge, an announcement of epic proportions – something that is going to MAKE your day…” (long pause for effect) “…guess what? I know you’re not going to believe this. I can hardly believe it myself…but I know it’s true. Are you ready? We are…” (pause again) “…ALREADY done…1/10 of the school year!”

Awkward silence.
Audible groan.
Numerous complaints. “Only 1/10th!” “Ms. Parrish, that’s not exciting.” “That means 9/10th left!” “I thought you were going to say something good.”

Too funny. Made my day. Really – it made my day! 🙂

Hope you are enjoying a lovely weekend. I’m so impressed with our beautiful fall weather. If you’re stuck inside for some reason, you should check out a new adapations game at this site. Big thanks to Garrette who took his adaptations learning outside the classroom and found this game for us.


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