Boreal Forest X-Travaganza!!

In less than 36 hours, the Grade 7s will be heading out into the great beyond, the unexplored no-man’s land, the unknown, the outback, the…the…the…local forest (ho-hum).  🙂 

Here’s our tentative itinerary and a few reminders for students and parents.


GLC to Dixie Rd. = 23km; Dixie Rd to end (ie. harvest area) = 27km

Three stops along Dixie Rd, one stop on Dixie West Rd.

 1.  Natural regeneration and thinning area (km 6 of Dixie Lake Rd.)

    1. This area was burned by the 1980 fire.  Over 40,000 ha burned
    2. After the burn, some areas were seeded and planted with a variety of tree species common to this area (ie. jack pine and black spruce).
    3. Please notice any differences in plants and signs of wildlife.
    4. Why do forest burn?

 2.  Beaver Habitat (km 16 of Dixie Lake Rd.)

    1. Area that has been influenced by beaver
    2. Any evidence of beaver?
    3. What plant species do the beaver rely on?

 3.  Area that was harvest, planted and thinned (km 22 of Dixie Lake Rd.)

    1. Example of an area disturbed by humans.
    2. Can students distinguish whether or not it was harvested (ie. clearcut).
    3. Differences between with the burned area?

 4.  Active Harvest Operations (km 5 of Dixie West Rd.)

    1. Students will observe human disturbance in progress
    2. What are some initial thoughts? Impacts on landscape, what does it look like>
    3. Why are the trees being harvested?
    4. How much is harvested?

Students should check the note for pertinent details regarding clothing, cameras and times.   I forgot to mention that parents are welcome, so if you are interested in coming, please let me know.


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