Boreal forest animals and scotch tape?

There’s probably not much of a connection when you think of it, eh? (Everyone needs a good “eh” every once in a while….eh?)
The connection between Boreal Forest animals and scotch tape is that they are just a part of the day when you’re in GLC Grade 7! How? Well, good question! Let me elaborate.
In preparation for our super-duper-amazing-fabulous-wonderful-spectacular-upcoming field trip to the Boreal Forest we’ve been doing some Boreal Forest research, specifically with the mammals of Boreal Forest. As an entry point in our research, we’ve each selected a mammal and then researched for habitat, diet, characteristics, concerns and predators. From that, we’ll take our learning further to identify adaptations and roles in both the food chain and ecosystem. Once we’ve developed a thorough knowledge of our selected animals, we’re going to explore the issues of conservation and balance in the environment. Students will need to answer the questions, “Why is this animal important to this ecosystem? What are the possible effects of over/under population of this animal? Why is it important for the Ministry of Natural Resources to guide animal populations?” I’m sure you’ll be amazed to see some of our work. Stay tuned to this blog to see our work in the next week!
PS: Students are representing their knowledge in a video format using the online program, Animoto. Its fabulous for creating videos. Check it out.

OH, and what about the Scotch Tape?  I forgot all about it today and will have to get to that tomorrow.  I’m going to show the students this beautiful video at Vimeo.  Who knew that scotch tape was so amazing?


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